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We provide high quality and high value services across North America.

History and Formation

Based in Baton Rouge, LA, Emergent Risk Solutions was founded with the realization of the increasing risks associated with the frequency of catastrophic natural disasters.

Since 2005, ERS leaders have provided services including emergency management, disaster recovery, resilience and mitigation, and project support for federal, state, and local government agencies, private non-profits and enterprises. In 2013, Kipp Nelson incorporated the firm, which provides independent, innovative, and professional project services, adding value to decision-making processes for clients.

Today, the firm staffs more than 75 positions with approximately 50 additional staff available to support our clients. ERS has supported recovery from 37 disasters and provides service in 16 states and territories, while supporting multiple FEMA contracts across the nation.


Supporting public and private sector organizations to achieve project success. We achieve our mission by striving to deliver high quality and high value services across North America.

Core Values

We integrate these values into every aspect of our work.

Ensure Ethics, Integrity & Compliance

Provide High Quality & High Value Services

Build Trust & Collaborate

Integrate Lessons Learned & Improve

Promote Diversity & Inclusion

Give Back

Our Team

Comprised of more than 75 individuals, we focus on serving internal and external stakeholders and delivering high quality, high value results.

Services / Industries

Emergent is continuously expanding our services to best serve our clients across the globe.

We provide these services across each of the divisions below. Select one to learn more.

National Experience

Emergent has worked with hundreds of public and private organizations across the world. Beyond state and local experience, Emergent actively supports four national FEMA contracts which cross many states and FEMA regions. 

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Continuous Improvement

Emergent continually monitors the evolving federal, state, and local regulatory framework to provide timely, relevant, and practical client guidance. The firm is proud to have provided strategic development and analysis services for public and private organizations, ultimate leading to resolution of many complex emergency management and disaster recovery issues, frequently leading to national change and enhancements of programmatic policy.

In 2021, Emergent embarked on a strategic focus to further enhance project delivery, quality and operational capacity through upgrades of training, systems, processes and procedures. This renewed focus serves the firm’s clients first and foremost, and will ensure consistent and high-quality project delivery, promoting the firm’s core values.

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